Sunday, 18 November 2012

*Contest Time* Win a t-shirt from 99XS Store

After my review on 99XS Store which you can find here, Anca from 99XS Store offered me the opportunity to host a contest for you with the three winners to win a t-shirt of your choice from their store!

The Contest:
I wanted something that all of you could take part in so I decided we would have an arts competition with three categories so there will be a winner from each category.

1: T-shirt design
2: A Piece of Art (This can be anything from photography, makeup to traditional art)
3: A piece of creative writing (50 words)

The theme of the contest is 'Ice' so your piece must tie in with that theme in some way.

Source: The Last Krystallos on Flickr

The Rules:
1: You can enter once in each category, so you can enter three times in total but only once per category.
2: The contest is open internationally.
3: You must be 18+ or have your parents' permission.
4: Your entry must tie in with the theme of 'Ice' in some way.
5: Creative writing can be up to 50 words and can be either a fiction, a piece of descriptive writing... or whatever you like really.
6: Make up looks can be done on yourself or a model.
7: T-shirt designs can be done in any way you like, you could use a computer program like Photoshop, you could draw it and either scan it or take a photo, or you could even paint it onto your own t-shirt!
8: The contest opens on 18th November 2012 and ENDS: 31st December 2012, 23:59 GMT.
9: To enter you have a choice:
If you have a blog you can post your entry on your blog and link it with the linky below
If you don't have a blog or website you can email the entry to me:
10: All entries must be your own work.

The Prizes:
As mentioned before there will be three winners, one from each category. These three winners will win a t-shirt of their choice from 99XS Store.

The entries will be judged by myself, Anca from 99XS Store and Kim from Kimberley Collins Photography (Kim has won a t-shirt design contest in January 2012:

If you win, I will contact you to let you know and you can choose any t-shirt from the store in any size and colour. You'll then email me with what you want and your address so I can let the store know and they will send your prize to you directly.

See the t-shirts here!

To see what these t-shirts are like, check out my blog review on them:


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  3. I received a last minute entry from Jules Roberts at 11:56, as I no longer had time to add it to the linky, I'm linking it here. :)