Sunday, 8 April 2012

Keepsake Box

Fancy something really cool for your room? Thought you what about turning an old shoe box into an utterly gorgeous keepsake box?
So easy...and it looks so good!


All you need is a shoe box, obviously, an old book, PVA Glue, Mod Podge Glue (optional), a brass cupboard door handle and 'Serious' Glue (I seriously recommend this stuff!).

Start by ripping out the pages from your old book (not one you want to keep...I used an old copy of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.) and paste it onto the shoe box using PVA glue. Cover the box and its lid. When it's covered with random pages, you can keep it neat or rip the pages how you like, then you coat the box with PVA or with Mod Podge glue. I used Mod Podge because the one I've got has a matt finish. This will protect your pages.

Then you'll want to add a handle, it makes all the difference you know... I found the perfect brass cupboard door handle at 'The Range' and bought two, £1.49 each. Now you use the 'Serious' glue, I love this stuff, it glues anything! Glue the handle to the end of your box and when it's dry glue the other one to the other end!

Voila, finished...a gorgeous Keepsake Box...

What will you put in yours?


  1. how cute xx

    I was wondering whether it would be possible to remove the captcha/word verification setting. Google has made them harder lately and

    it's really hard work to read them, making commenting difficult. If you are concerned about the spammers, you can turn on the 'comments on approval' setting? I meant this the nicest possible way, I love commenting, and silly captcha/word verification is spoiling the joy I have with commenting. xx

  2. Have put up a blogpost linked to yours about this too! Love the I want one!

  3. It's quiet creative. I have lots of shoe box here and planning to turn them into keepsafe box but I'll be using coloful paper i guess. Thanks for the brilliant idea :)