About Me

Welcome to my blog about...well lots of things.
It began as a blog about makeup and nail polish and has moved through to blogging about more personal things, to make up and face paint transformations to V from V for Vendetta,  to DIY projects, to writing a walkthrough for Modern Warfare 3.

I don’t enjoy just one thing, I move from one hobby to another and another and back again! So you’ll find my blog full of just about anything that I find interesting. Why limit yourself to blogging about one thing when you enjoy doing so much more?

I’ll blog about life and laughter, beauty and books, movies, games and dreams and things that make me happy.

I’m only young, and people may say I haven’t even lived yet but they couldn’t be more wrong. I may be young and often inexperienced but I have experienced profound miracles and I hope to see many more.

I started my blog to write reviews of makeup products and makeup tutorials but I had an unfortunate experience when I decided to open a Google+ account and accidentally deleted all of my blog photos. It just about killed me... I didn’t know how to come back from it; I couldn’t even re-upload everything because I didn’t still have all of the pictures.

As awful as that was, I’m back with makeup tutorials, book and film reviews, game walkthroughs, DIY projects and whatever else interests me.

So if you like makeup, xBox gaming, movies, books, DIY or anything else you can think of... Go ahead and click that little ‘Follow’ button and subscribe to my blog.