Wednesday, 25 December 2013

I've Moved!

Just thought I'd leave you a post here to let you all know that I've moved over to Wordpress:

Come over and subscribe to Adofaer & Arkhdrauth for more make up tutorials, short stories, recipes, craft and DIY ideas...

You'll get information from Masterpiece Artistry Elements about what each element is up to.
Masterpiece MUA will provide you will make up and hair tutorials, Masterpiece Design can show you trailers and website designs and Masterpiece Face Painting will show you fun ideas for kids and face paint tutorials.
Adofaer & Arkhdrauth is a blog for it's readers, send in any ideas or subjects you'd like to see there and I will do what I can.

Come and see Adofaer & Arkhdrauth, a blog for you.