Monday, 21 January 2013

*Contest Time* Winners!

It's time to announce the winners of my contest. Thank you all so much for entering, I hope to hold more contests in the future!

So just a recap, there were originally three categories but I made a slight change due to the ratio of the entries so we now have only two entries but still three winners: one from the art category and two from the writing category...
1: Art (This includes all kinds of art; photography, makeup, tshirt design)
2: Writing


For the art category:

Thanks for your entry Sarah, I loved this photograph! It makes me wish there was more snow where I live... Haha

For the writing category:

I loved this piece from the moment I first read it, this is the sort of writing I really love to read. I love to see small moments...

He picked again at layers of ice forming on a thin, blue, nylon sleeping bag, still pungent from its previous owner. His recent acquisition offered his only protection from the beautifully, cruel whiteness of this Christmas Eve. Snowflakes clustered around him. He made his Christmas Wish: a new home.

This piece is fantastic for completely different reasons to Sarah's, I loved this because of the wonderful imagery and how you somehow managed to create an entire novel in just 50 words! 
And it makes me think of the Silurians...

Beneath the water, rows of ragged sentinels watch the rippled sky. They bare glaucous teeth in the murky dark, hands like cordwood knots gripping spears ending in razor icicles.

They wait unblinking. Civilization unfolds. The human herds propagate.

At last, time.

Damnation creeps from behind a cloud. The future melts.

Please could the three of you email me at with your home address and choice of tshirt (Incuding colour and size) from 

Thank you again to all who entered, I loved every entry! :D


  1. Wow - thanks Bekah. I am delighted to be selected as one of your winners! Will be emailing soon!

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