Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Review: 99XS Store, Great Quality T-Shirts

So here we have something a little different, it's a clothing review.
I was contacted by Anca from a small t-shirt design store in the UK called 99XS, she asked if I could review their t-shirts and store so I agreed!
Let me put this out there right now, my review will be completely honest. I see no reason to lie to my readers and to be honest I'd rather not do anything that would stop you trusting what I say.

99XS have a great online store: it's clean, modern and easy to navigate; which is more than can be said about a whole bunch of larger clothing stores. You can see the enthusiasm in the designs and in the dynamic layout of the website, it has heart.

On their home page the first thing you see is a great bar showing you their latest designs and offers and below that you can see their featured products.

At the bottom of the page are a bunch of well laid out links for Facebook and Twitter along with a list of links to information, this is my only gripe about the website. Out of the list of ten links only six work, the size charts and 'Printing Technologies Explained' don't seem to link to anything which is a bit of the pain and needs to be fixed; however it's such a trivial thing, don't let it put you off shopping here. And finally there's a section of contact details which are really useful since there are some websites in which you have to hunt in order to find any way of contacting the company!

99XS have a fantastic variety of t-shirt styles ranging in colours and sizes, for both women and men. The designs are really wonderful and I don't think I've seen another t-shirt store with as much design quality.

Prices range from £9.90 to £18.99 which sound pretty good to me for a t-shirt with such fantastic quality.

I chose the 'Feel Alive Women's T-Shirt' in Charcoal and size XL (The size was an bit of an issue because I really wasn't sure what to get without a size guide, but I played it safe and it turned out to be a great fit!)

I'm a size 14 in Next t-shirts and this XL fits me comfortably, just so you can have a reference for sizes.

The t-shirt is 100% Cotton but preshrunk so it can be tumble dried. Trust me, I've tried it and I can assure you that it is perfectly fine in the tumble drier.

One of the things I was worried about that I've experienced with other design t-shirts is cracking on the design but I've worn it lots over the past two weeks, it's been through the tumble drier twice and there isn't even the slightest crack (and I certainly haven't been careful with it).

The t-shirt has the 99XS Store logo on the back of the neck and on the bottom right hand side, but it's small and doesn't ruin the design.

The design itself it great, I struggled to choose which t-shirt I wanted out of their range of designs but finally landed on this one because of the pop of red and the words... I love words... I'll put a list of links to my favourite designs at the bottom of this post.

This t-shirt is also available in four other colours: White, Heather Grey, Light Pink and Sky Blue. I chose the charcoal because I'm dark like that...
No, it's because I'm a little self conscious about my body and the dark colour makes me look slimmer. ^_^

What they say:
"Brand: GILDAN SoftStyle
T-Shirt Fabric: 100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit
Weight: Colour t-shirt - 160 g/m | White t-shirt- 150 g/m

Deluxe 30's soft style yarns; Seamless twin needle 1/2" rib knit collar; Taped neck and shoulders
Side seam construction with stylish tapered fit; Slightly adjusted specs!
Twin needle sleeve and bottom hems;
Quarter-turned to eliminate centre crease"

What I say: 
Fantastic quality, well-fitting t-shirt, nice and comfy and easy to wash and dry. I know nothing about the fancy terms so I'll take their word for it!


On a side note I just want to point out, all the close up photos were actually taken on my iPhone... I had no idea the camera on it was so good!

99XS have an offer on at the moment, if you sign up to their newsletter, you can have 10% off your first order and you're entered into a draw to win a free t-shirt every month! It can't hurt right?


So there we are, that's my first ever clothing review. What did you think?

I promised a list of my favourite designs from the store so here we are, these are all links to the women's versions, but they are all available in men's too:

- Feel Alive T-Shirt - £15.99
- Proud to be a Geek T-Shirt - £10.99
- Pow Wow T-Shirt - £11.99
- Hide from Stupid T-Shirt - £10.90
- Nillionaire T-Shirt - £10.99
- Dare to be Different T-Shirt - £15.99
- More Interesting T-Shirt - £14.99
- Who Needs Mask T-Shirt - £13.90
- Snow Village T-Shirt - £9.90 (Just for Christmas)


My t-shirt was provided for review, this does not affect the review and I will always be totally honest when reviewing products.

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  1. I was very impressed by the quality, and so many T-shirts don't make it through the tumble-drier without shrinking again impressive!