Sunday, 28 October 2012

Review: PS Express vs Instagram vs StreamZoo

I recently bought an iPhone 4 from a friend, I've had an iPod touch for about two years but I've wanted an iPhone for a long time... It was a matter of convenience really, it's easier to make sure you remember one thing than trying to find my iPod touch and my phone and my purse... I got myself a really cute iPhone case from eBay that holds cards and money, and looks like a little book!

Anyhow, back to the point, I realised, pretty fast, that the iPhone 4 has a 5mp camera and a fantastic 'HDR' function! 'HDR' means that the camera takes 3 photos at once and compiles the best exposures of each into one fantastic quality photo!

I decided to make the most of this function and download a few photo editing apps which I'm going to review for you now.

First of all, we have 'Photoshop Express'.
I'm a huge fan of Photoshop on the computer and use it almost everyday so it seemed obvious to get the free app on the iPhone. It's only has very basic functions but you can edit exposure, hue/saturation, brightness/contrast and a few other things.

There's no spot editing like the clone stamp or small touch ups, but that's to be expected on a small app. I really like this app for fixing the exposure or playing with the saturation of an image but that's about it really.
You can share images on Facebook and Twitter but it's not really a social app.

Next we have Instagram. I'm sure you've all heard of Instagram! I think this is a fantastic app, it has a nice, if small, selection of textures and overlay effects preset with their own borders.

Every photo you edit with this app is automatically uploaded to your profile which is a bit annoying but it is a pretty socially centred app.

The only things about this app that I don't like are the fact that the borders are fixed to the overlay and some don't have borders.

Their website on the computer is useless, you can't access anything easily and it's a bit rubbish...
I also think that the fact that all images are limited to squares. Although its cute and quirky, it's also really annoying and makes it obvious that you edited that picture on Instagram.

Finally we have StreamZoo, this one's a nice one. It's a little less known than Instagram but I honestly think its better!

First of all, the images aren't constrained to squares, you can crop images into whatever dimensions you like. The effects and overlays are different to those on Instagram, so I keep both apps because I like both their effects, the best thing about this app is that there's a selection of great borders that you can couple with any of the overlays.

This app also has great online usage, everything you do on the app is available to do online on your computer, but only once you have one upload from your app and five followers. I think this kick starts using the app socially, I don't bother using Instagram as a social network, but this one almost forces you to do so at the beginning.
All in all, this is my favourite of the three, it has parts of the other two and its own little quirks.

So there we are, you have my verdict! Let me know what you think!

PS Express

PS Express and StreamZoo


  1. Great post Bekah, I like Instagram, but want more features...more borders and textures, so I really like Streamzoo, great little find. Need to promote it to get more people into it!

  2. Nice detailed review Bekah (and funky case!). I'm getting a bit bored now of the Instagram type effects. Feel like they can make all images look the same, and get people focussed more on processing than composition. My preference is Snapseed. Lot more options than PSE.

    1. Aw, my phone won't support Snapseed, it says it's coming soon to Android, but only to Ice Cream Sandwich and my system is only Gingerbread... (oh, that sounds so strange....weird Android systems!)

  3. Love the to see such a thoughtful comparison on the apps! Sad to say, I'm a droid, so not sure I can get Streamzoo but will check to see because I value your advice!!! Love all the pics you shared in this post too!! :)

    1. Good news, StreamZoo is available on Android, Lisa's a droid too and she has it now. :)

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