Sunday, 21 October 2012

Halloween Tutorial: Sugar Skull

I was asked by a friend for a tutorial for a sugar skull look for halloween, she did ask for it to extend to the neck area but no matter what design I tried I couldn't make it work... Sorry Steph... But I hope you like what I have done!
Sorry about the terrible picture quality, I keep forgetting it's getting dark earlier... and well, it got dark!

Products Used:
Mehron Starblend (White)
Eyeko Line & Shine Eyeliner Pencil 2 in 1 (Teal)
Collection 2000 Dazzle Me Eye Dust (Spellbound)
Sleek iDivine Palette (Graphite)
ELF Beauty Book (Smokey Eye)
Eyeko Big Brush Mascara
ELF Gel Eyeliner (Black)

So here we go...

Start with a clean face with nothing on it so the Starblend or white eyeshadow will adhere well.

Cover your entire face (and any exposed skin) with white. I used a Mehron Starblend, but you could use a white eyeshadow, white foundation or white facepaint. If you use foundation or facepaint be sure to set it with baby powder so it doesn't budge during the evening.

Next, carefully draw the outline for the eyes in whatever eyeliner colour you want to use for the look. I chose blue 'cause I think it's pretty... ^_^

Now just fill that in and set that with a blue eyeshadow, I used Collection 2000's Dazzle Me...

Now create a basic smokey eye. Place black in the crease of the eye, and white in the inner corner and under the eyebrow. Line the waterline with black and line the entire eye, then apply mascara and false lashes if you want them.

Using a flat brush with a rounded end create the scalloped edges around the eye with the same eyeshadow.

Now using either a black gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner or facepaint, draw the outline of the nose... hole...

Now fill that in the the same eyeliner/facepaint.

Use an eyeliner to create the spiders web on the forehead and darken it with a black eyeshadow.

Draw a line from the corners of your mouth, following your cheekbones, to your ear.

Blend out the line with more black eyeshadow and apply lines of 'teeth'. Add a shape like a flower to your chin and some pretty swirls, keeping it symmetrical, and you're done!
Feel free to use lash glue to apply sequins or rhinestones around the eyes, and at the base of the spider's web. (I didn't have any so I didn't.)

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