Wednesday, 5 September 2012

One Word: Miracle, Sustain

Look what we have here... Two more prompts!

It's a miracle...that I'm actually I didn't think I was going to walk away from that...I didn't think he was going to stop.
I've always thought there should be a law about that...smoking while driving.
He dropped the cigarette...I guess it burned his lap. But... I didn't think he was going to stop the lorry, that moment, that terrifying moment...I thought I was going to die.

"She needs sustenance."
They kept repeating that word... Sustain... Sustenance... 'What does it mean?' She sat there clueless and afraid as they kept discussing that word.
"She had to be kept alive, we can't do it until they say we can and they haven't."
She didn't understand, can't do what?
"We can't switch her off yet. Not until her parents agree. They should hurry up and decide though, she's a lost cause and we need her bed."

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