Saturday, 1 September 2012

One Word: Magazines, Salvation, Darlings

I haven't updated recently, so here's the past three days of prompts:

The magazines sat where they were left, one on top of the other. Untouched after being thrown there. They didn't work though...all those 'self-help' leaflets and booklets.
They made no difference at all as they sat beneath empty pills and bottles.

Salvation... Yep, that's something I need, salvation from this rut I'm in.
I have to go to work because I need the money, but if I go to work I have no time to go anywhere else so the money is meaningless.
Is there any salvation from this repetitive monotony?

"Oh the little darlings!" she cooed, "So adorable, we simply must take one home."
"But sweetheart, we really haven't the space..." his resignation evident, he had no power in this situation.
"Oh the dark haired one... Oh no, I want the little one over there!"
"Lydia, we can't afford to keep it."
"Oh course we can darling, we're having this one." She grabbed little Jimmy's dirty hand and escorted him from the orphanage.

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