Wednesday, 12 September 2012

One Word: Headphones, Spa, Towers

Three prompts from!

"I'm not taking them off again." The annoyance in her voice getting more and more evident.
"But Sarah... I don't get it..."
"Don't get what?" She ripped off the headphones and snapped at her sister.
"I... I just don't get this..." She thrust the letter from their mother into her sister's hands, "Why doesn't she say she loves us?"
"I'm sorry sweetheart, she's not in a good place at the moment, go to sleep darling."

The water trickled down the rocks glittering as it flowed... So close yet so far, it was forbidden, untouchable...she mustn't get too close or else they'd see her. Those wonderful humans wouldn't take well to the sight of her beautiful wings as fluid as water and her tiny fairy frame.

"Please..." She whimpered, "I...I need help..."
Voices boomed with sounds that made no sense to her, distant sounds that were so close and threatening.
"I just... If I could just... Home... I want to go home..."
Three towering men glanced at her tear ridden face with cold, dead eyes, "No sweetheart, tonight you're coming with us."

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