Friday, 1 June 2012

Forbidden Love Blog Hop

Lillie McFerrin, Lady Bullish and Janelle are hosting a 'Blog Hop' flash fiction contest with the theme of 'Forbidden Love'.

Word Count: 297
Stolen glances... That was all we had, the brushing of fingertips, the curve of a smile. Nothing more...we couldn’t, I couldn’t.
“Nobody would know,” he’d said, “She wouldn’t need to know, she doesn’t ask.”
That wasn’t good enough...not enough for me.
My breath caught sensing the warmth of his skin on my arm, my eyes impulsively flickering around the room.
“No,” I muttered almost inaudibly “I can’t...I’m not doing this. I won’t be the other woman.”
“You want me.” There was no questioning, he knew.
“I know, but that doesn’t make it okay. Your wife...”
“She doesn’t have to know,” he interrupted; his lips brushing mine and his warm breath tickled my skin, “I know you can keep a secret.”
“I don’t want to be a secret. I don’t want to see you kissing her, holding her. I want to be the one everyone knows about. Besides, it won’t happen, I’m not that girl.” I said, trying to convince myself. I broke away, the conversation ended.
All day... He’s there in my mind all day. I have to stop thinking about him...I won’t do that to myself.
I’ll stop. I resolve; I’ll cut off all communication. If I stop then he’ll just...forget. That was it, the painful decision made. I smiled. The composed smile on my face faltered at the sight of him, just a quick glimpse; another stolen glance... Stop it. I looked back to my book, rereading the same page yet again, the unruffled expression back on my face.
He strutted over with that gorgeous smile of his, “How’s it going beautiful?” Beautiful...he called me beautiful... I drifted.
“I’m okay, how about you?” Idiot! Don’t reply. You were supposed to stop.
The sixth decision to stop...Maybe I should just give in to that beautiful smile.


  1. This is terrific!! Oh, those tempting smiles!! Thanks so much for entering!! :)

  2. Way to get us started!! Nice job :) Thanks for entering!

  3. Stolen glances, the curve of a smile, lovely phrases...conveying that impossible wanting. I enjoyed this!

  4. This is beautiful. So many emotions, and it feels 'real'. Well done!

  5. Woohoo, the first entry! Thanks for joining, and with such a strong piece too. I had chills! Nice to "meet" you via the blog hop :)

  6. Oh I have sooooooooooooooooo been there! You captured that wonderfully, thank you.

  7. Beautiful and emotional and definitely forbidden! :)

  8. I feel I couldn't ignore that smile either. . . poor woman! What can she do but give in . . there's obviously an attraction. Darn that he is already married! I loved reading this! xxx

  9. Don't do it!! You're better than that! lol :)

  10. I think a lot of people can relate to bits and pieces, if not the whole piece. It's forbidden, but so familiar. And so...tempting. Great work.