Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Birthday Baking

Guess what...

It's my 19th birthday! So I decided to bake me some cakes for it...

I apologise for picture quality... This is the only one I got of them before we ate them! 

Anyhow, the cupcakes use this recipe, and the big cake at the front is this recipe, but using only one layer. 
I used the cupcake glaze for both cakes and once it had hardened I used 'Dream Topping' on top and topped them all with strawberries and raspberries! 

They honestly taste fantastic!

Happy Birthday to me... 


  1. You call that bad quality for a picture? Man, oh, man. That would be my good quality picture on a good day!

    Anyways, Happy Birthday! Those cakes look incredible, and I also enjoy baking.

    I'm almost 18, so it's nice to find someone my age on these blogs!

    Again, Happy Birthday!

    1. Haha, thanks!

      It's an iPod photo so it's not like the other pictures on here, but I suppose it does look pretty good...

      I know the feeling, I keep forgetting how much older everyone else is!

  2. Double congratulations BekahCat!
    A belated Happy Birthday... hope you had an awesome day!
    Your Five Sentence Fiction badge is the winning badge! I love its Olde Worlde charm... well done!