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MW3 Walkthrough - Hardened

MW3 Walkthrough

Act One

Black Tuesday

Difficulty:                            **- - -
Character:                           Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
Intel:                                     5
Starting Weapons:          M4A1 w/ Hybrid Sight + XM25

-          Flank the Russians on Wall Street
-          Fight your way to the Stock Exchange.
-          Get to the Stock Exchange roof.
-          Plant a thermite charge on the jammer.
-          Use the Predator to take out the enemy Hind.
-          Board the Black Hawk.

Achievement: Kill 20 enemies using the XM25.

You’ll start with a lovely cutscene following on from MW2 which if you’re playing this you should’ve played that, and then you’ll go straight into the war. So fight your way up the street, don’t hold back your fire just go for it. The enemies will just keep spawning if you don’t head forward. Russian armour will head for you, nothing to worry about, just stay in cover and your team will take it out. After this some friendlies will appear so hold your fire. CHECKPOINT. Ignore the enemies just stick to the right until you come across a hole in the wall. Head through it once you hear the warning of an enemy bird incoming and your squad will follow.
Through the door two Russians will be waiting for you at the top of the ramp so take them down! Keep following Sandman until you see the crashed helicopter, immediately above this you’ll see two Russians, kill them before they kill you. Stick to the right of the room because there are still enemies on the ground that’ll kill you given half the chance. [INTEL: In the small room to the right, on the floor.] In the room beyond there’s two or three enemies, one out in the open, one behind the sofa and possibly one behind the door so watch out for them.
Follow Sandman down the stairs and throw a nine banger through the door like he tells you and take out the dazed Russians. There’s a ton of enemies downstairs so take out a few and jump over the stair rail to trigger the next wave and take cover on the left side of the room. These guys aren’t too difficult if you make good use of your frags and run in all guns blazing. [INTEL: Under the stairs on a desk.]  CHECKPOINT.
Follow your squad outside towards the destination marker and once you reach where your squad is in cover enemies will swarm. You’ll be told to switch to the XM25 Grenade Launcher to flush them out so do it, watch out for enemy grenades and take cover on the left hand side. When your squad advances, head to the pillars on the right and use them for cover as you blast the Russian tank and machine gunner with the XM25.

Once you’ve done that, sprint to the Stock Exchange (Just follow the destination marker) don’t worry too much about enemies since the moment you enter the Stock Exchange they spontaneously disappear. Use the ammo crates to refill. [INTEL: On a table to the left side of the room.] CHECKPOINT.
As you reach the top of the escalator you’ll hear gunfire, take cover behind the desks to the left. Remember, your squad will only head forward if you do, so keep moving forward, throwing frags and taking cover in the kiosks, try to keep to the right. [INTEL: On the far right kiosk, closest to your destination marker.] CHECKPOINT.

Follow your squad to the Stock Exchange roof. On your way up the scaffolding there’ll be more gunfire, just run for it until you reach the ladder. CHECKPOINT.

The moment you reach the top of the ladder, run to the right and take cover in the doorway. Gradually head forward, shooting down enemies as you go until you see the radar jammer. Flank the enemy on the left side and [INTEL: To the right of the jammer.] sprint to place the thermite charge. Clear the blast radius and blow it up. CHECKPOINT.

Take cover while you listen to the short radio reunion and take control of the Predator Drone to take out some enemies and an enemy hind. CHECKPOINT.

Your exfil arrives so board it. Take control of the onboard machine gun and take out the guys on the roof below you along with the incoming Russian helicopters. This section isn’t difficult; just do what you’re told. Now you get a cutscene and the end of the level.

Hunter Killer

Difficulty:                            **- - -
Character:                           Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
Intel:                                     2
Starting Weapons:          MP5 Suppressed Red Dot Sight + USP .45

-          Plant a mine on the sub.                                                                                 
-          Reach the missile control room.
-          Launch the missiles.
-          Escape the harbour.                                                                                         

You begin underwater; just follow your squad leader, avoiding the Russian mines until you see the sub. Keep an eye on your sonar at the bottom of the screen to see the mines. After the sub passes make your way to the destination marker to plant the mine. CHECKPOINT.

Once the sub surfaces, be aware of the enemy coming from the hatches. Once Sandman throws the grenade, follow him down the hatch, watch for the two enemies directly opposite once the door opens, as well as another to the right. [INTEL: Far right of this room.] Head through the open door and rendezvous downstairs where Sandman will take out the Russian so there’s no need for you to worry or waste your ammo. CHECKPOINT. Watch for the enemies around the corner behind the yellow tinted windows, around the next corner there’s two more Russians coming down the stairs so throw a nine banger or just take them out. Follow Sandman down a corridor and up some stairs where you’ll be told to take point. CHECKPOINT. Throw a nine banger and take out what you can see, they all have laser sights so they’re not too difficult to locate. Just make sure you keep in cover while you’re reloading. After entering this room take the first left and run straight into cover. Throw another nine-banger and take out the Russians by the door and any others that happen to get in your way. Head toward the door but watch out for the Russians that’ll come straight for you; hide to the right of the door and take them out when they come looking for you. CHECKPOINT. Shoot any enemies you see on the catwalk above. Head through the door, shooting as you go, towards the destination marker on the far right of the room and up the stairs. [INTEL: From the door you need to breach, head to the back room and it’s on the floor in the far right.] CHECKPOINT. Breach the door and take out the five enemies in here without needing to reload because if you do, you’ll die. Take out the guy charging for you first.

Input the code and follow Sandman up the ladder. CHECKPOINT.

Run toward the speedboat and follow the other. It’s a simple chase scene and pretty easy, just do what you’re told.

Persona Non Grata

Difficulty:                            *** - -
Character:                           Yuri
Intel:                                     4
Starting Weapons:          AK-47 Red Dot Sight + Desert Eagle

-          Defend Soap.
-          Help Soap.
-          Follow Captain Price.
-          Get to the weapon cache.
-          Take Control of UGV.
-          Clear out area around helicopter.
-          Get to the helicopter.

Achievement: Kill all 5 helicopters only using UGV Grenades.

Take the right side of the balcony when you’re told and lay into the enemy in the courtyard. When the chopper arrives; take cover. You can’t damage it, there’s nothing you can do.

Run over to Soap and give him the shot. CHECKPOINT.

Take out the enemies in the hallway and follow Price down the stairs and into the courtyard. [INTEL: In the first alcove on the right side of the courtyard on top of a crate.] Make your way through the courtyard until Price blasts the gate. Hold your fire while civilians rush for safety. CHECKPOINT.

When Price tells you to take down the machine gunner on the balcony, run into the building and pick off the three enemies on the opposite balcony but watch out for the Russians on the ground. [INTEL: As you enter the building in the first room on the right.] CHECKPOINT. Head back down to the street to take out the rest of the Russians watching for the Drone which will come and take another pass at the street. Stay on the left side of the street and duck into another street where your squad will follow and Price will shout at Nicolai. Follow Price through a building and into the next building. CHECKPOINT. The new weapon (UGV) is in the basement. [INTEL: On a crate to the left of the weapon.]

Take control of the UGV and take out the helicopter and the enemies. Try not to get it destroyed.

 Head down the path using the minigun to take out enemies and the grenade launcher for bigger groups. Sit on the platform to the right and take out the three helicopters and go back to the minigun for the enemies on the buildings, they’re on all floors so take them all out. Head for the landing site and take out the final helicopter. Use the minigun to kill the Russians on the landing site.

Your UGV will be taken out by the Drone and you’re in charge of Yuri again, run to the Chopper. [INTEL: Run out of the basement, to your left on top of a slide. Stand under the slide and look up to get it.] Run towards your destination marker, the ground will give way; make sure you steer left away from the falling building.


Difficulty:                            **- - -
Character:                           Andrei Harkov
Intel:                                     2
Starting Weapons:          Five Seven

-          Escort the President
-          Move to guard position.
-          Lead the President to safety.
-          Secure the President’s daughter.
-          Lead the President to the safe room.
-          Follow the Commander.
-          Secure the President.

Achievement: Shoot all five floating enemies when plane stalls.

Follow the President until you reach the ‘board room’. CHECKPOINT.

Move round to the left hand side of the door once they’ve started speaking, this makes it easier to stay in cover and have a good viewpoint of enemies. When the enemies breach the door just shoot and pick up one of the submachine guns so you have a nicer weapon to use. Go to the next section of the plane and it will stall, try to kill all of your enemies here then head down the stairs. CHECKPOINT.

[INTEL: Down the stairs, on a bench to the right.] Turn back to behind the stairs to see two more enemies, take them down. As you enter the room, more enemies will spawn and there will be a couple of shot gunners waiting at the exit of the room so take care of them before they take care of you. Head towards the cockpit and watch out for more enemies. Reunite the President and his daughter and move onto the next room. CHECKPOINT.

Watch the explosive cutscene and follow the Commander [INTEL: After you jump over a log in your path and there is an explosion it is on the ground in front of you.] Head to the fight with the hijackers, the best technique for this fight is to follow the Commander and do what he does, move forward when and where he moves and watch out for enemy grenades. There are a few checkpoints here so don’t worry too much about dying.

Follow the Commander around the corner into the area of forest, watch for the enemies on the way. CHECKPOINT. Watch the scene and the level ends.

Back on the Grid

Difficulty:                            *** - -
Character:                           Yuri
Intel:                                     3
Starting Weapons:          M14 EBR Scoped Suppressed + AK-47 Suppressed w/ Red Dot Sight

-          Follow Captain Price.
-          Provide overwatch for Price and Soap.
-          Regroup with Captain Price.
-          Commandeer the technical.
-          Follow Captain Price.
-          Use the mortar.
-          Go to the church.
-          Secure the cargo.

Achievement: Use 4 shots to destroy all 4 targets with the Mortar.

Follow Captain Price and crouch as the vehicles pass. CHECKPOINT. Watch as Soap deals with the enemy and follow Price. Take out the two enemies that Soap spots and head onward. CHECKPOINT. Head through the house and shoot the firing squad. You can save the civilian if you’re quick enough. Head onward until you spot more enemies and take cover. CHECKPOINT. Follow Price when he tells you and go prone as the vehicles pass. CHECKPOINT. Follow Price and Soap to the hut and when told shoot one of the enemies, Price will take out the other. Follow Price and he will take out a guard. CHECKPOINT. Follow him through the next door to yet another CHECKPOINT.

Climb the ladder, melee the guard and crouch in position. CHECKPOINT. Take out the first two to the north, another two to the west and a patrol of three to the north again. Turns out the cargo isn’t there anyway and Soap and Price are compromised. CHECKPOINT.

A group of guards will spawn beneath you so thin their numbers before you jump down. Take cover in the house to the left if you need to. [INTEL: On a table in the house at the top of the road.] Head towards Price and Soap. CHECKPOINT. Make your way up the road taking cover behind the stacks of wood. [INTEL: In one of the shacks on the left side of this road.] Once Price says “Area Clear” you’re good to go so follow Price up the ladder CHECKPOINT. As you jump down, do not by any means, take cover on the right, if you do, you’ll be stuck there with a machine gun hitting you if you try anything. So take cover to the left and take out the guy behind the machine gun ASAP.

Don’t bother taking charge of the machine gun; you’ll be a sitting duck. Stay in cover behind you on the right hand side, pick of stragglers and wait for Soap and Price to take out the rest.

 Follow Price, sprint or you’ll get caught up by enemies, until you fall through the roof. CHECKPOINT. As you fall through, take out the enemy heading straight for you and the other one a little further off. Follow Price again once you’re reunited. CHECKPOINT.

Stand next to Price and take out the two enemies guarding the mortar before you head towards it, then run to the mortar on the roof. Take out the targets and everything in between quickly or else you’ll die since you can’t drop the mortar to heal. CHECKPOINT.

Follow Soap and Price through the drainpipe, but watch out because you’ll be targeted the moment you leave so take cover immediately. CHECKPOINT. Take out the enemies on the roofs and move up when Soap and Price do. Watch out when you turn the corner because a bunch of enemies will spawn. Follow Price into the shed and take cover while you take out the enemy. CHECKPOINT. Follow them out of the door to the right but then go back into the shed and use the doorframe for cover while you take out the enemy at the windows. Head around the corner and shoot the two men on the roof to the right and watch out for more enemies spawning.
Follow Soap and Price to the door that Soap breaches, and enter the burned out building. CHECKPOINT. As you leave, watch out for all of the enemies on the scaffolding outside. Take cover in doorways and anywhere else you find. Push forward towards the church keeping an eye out for enemies as you pass. Enter the first building and climb the stairs CHECKPOINT and take out a few enemies from your high vantage point CHECKPOINT. Jump down from the balcony and move up to the church. As you approach the door will burst open and enemies and their dogs will pour out so take cover to the left of the door and let Soap and Price handle them. Slowly head into the church and take out any enemies remaining. [INTEL: Opposite you as you enter the church.] CHECKPOINT.

Breach the door and shoot the dog... As much as I hate to say it... And watch the scene to end the level.

Mind the Gap Part 1

Difficulty:                            *- - - -
Character:                           Sgt. Marcus Burns
Intel:                                     2
Starting Weapons:          MP5 Holographic + USP .45 Tactical Suppressed

-          Stack Up at the Warehouse.
-          Clear the Warehouse.
-          Assault into the Docks.
-          Open Truck Door.
-          Chase Hostiles.
-          Get to the truck!
-          Stop the subway train.

Head round the corner and take out the guy who comes out of the building. Follow your squad to where they cut open a door. [INTEL: In a small building directly behind your squad while cutting the door.]

Catch up with your team and let them do the hard work until you’re told to take point. Switch to the USP .45 Tactical Suppressed, knife the guy closest to you around the next corner and shoot the other. Or just let your squad handle them in their rowdy fashion. Climb the stairs where two enemies are being taken out. CHECKPOINT.

Jump through the window and take cover over the road. Quickly move up and take cover on the left side. Your allies should take care of this pretty quickly as long as you keep moving up.

Open the truck door to find it empty, yet another wild goose chase!

Take cover on the left side of the truck quickly as you’re bombarded by another group of enemies, pick off a few before air support takes out the rest. Move up to force your squad to advance and head into the building. Take out the two enemies heading at you from the stairs, or if you take your time one of your teammates will have done so already. [INTEL: Head up the stairs in the warehouse and keep going up stairs until you find a room, it’s on the table.] Head back down the stairs and outside to support your squad. Keep moving up ad taking cover, move to the right side of the road CHECKPOINT. Air support will help you out here, then head forward. Don’t worry about the enemies; you just need to move up to force your squad to do the same. Take your time, don’t rush into hell. CHECKPOINT.

When you’re told, make a run for the truck.  

Crouch in the truck and watch for hostiles, they’re in trucks and on the train. This part’s not too difficult there’s lots of checkpoints, just shoot. Once the train derails watch the scene to end the level.

Mind the Gap Part 2

Difficulty:                            ** - - -
Character:                           Sgt. Marcus Burns
Intel:                                     1
Starting Weapons:          MP5 Holographic + USP .45 Tactical Suppressed

-           Clear Westminster Station

When you wake up, follow Sgt. Wallcroft and watch out as you leave the train wreck for some enemies waiting for you on the station, take them out from the train door. CHECKPOINT. As you round the corner there are more enemies waiting up the escalator and behind the information desk. Take cover behind the entrance to the station, don’t rely on Sgt. Wallcroft to take out all of the enemies, they will pass him and come at you. These enemies are pretty aggressive so watch for grenades. Take cover behind the billboard Wallcroft is at, and he’ll break from cover. Follow Wallcroft right around the escalator and take cover behind the fallen vending machine watch for enemies sneaking up behind you, because they will.
When it gets quiet, break from cover and follow Wallcroft round a corner into more enemies. CHECKPOINT. Again, watch for grenades and support your ally. Take out the guys in the first section and run for cover on the left side before the next corner and watch for more enemies around the corner. As you reach the escalator; take out the enemies at the top. Sprint up the left side watching for grenades rolling down and take cover right at the top and take out the enemies up top. CHECKPOINT. [INTEL: On the floor behind the counter, to the right, at the top of the escalator.] Follow Wallcroft up the next escalator and shoot the two enemies at the top, avoiding grenades. Your allies will appear as you follow Wallcroft. CHECKPOINT. Follow Wallcroft to the barricade and watch the scene as the level comes to an end.

Davis Family Vacation - Intermission

Difficulty:                            - - - - -
Character:                           Mr Davis
Intel:                                     0
Starting Weapons:          Video Camera

-          Film Vacation
Walk forward, filming your family until the truck blows up. There’s nothing you can do to stop this. You will not see this if you opted to skip offensive material.

Act Two


Difficulty:                            *** - -
Character:                           Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
Intel:                                     3
Starting Weapons:          M4A1 Grenadier w/ ACOG + SMAW

-          Clear the way for tanks.
-          Regroup.
-          Man the minigun on the tank.
-          Locate Goalpost.
-          Breach and Secure Goalpost.

Watch the scene until you pick up your gun. CHECKPOINT. Follow your squad to the only cover; next to a wall (Your map can be useful here to tell you where cover is.) Follow your squad round the corner. CHECKPOINT. Don’t get preoccupied with enemies; concentrate on your own survival at this point.  Keep moving up with your squad and taking cover to get off the beach. Once you reach the wall of the beach, Sandman will deploy smoke. CHECKPOINT. Follow Sandman and the rest of your squad to the right and take cover behind anything solid. [INTEL: Inside the tail of the plane.] Head out of the plane and towards your destination marker and your squad. CHECKPOINT. As you reach them a helicopter will blow up a tank in your way, follow your squad across the road CHECKPOINT watching out for enemies behind the bus. Head up with your squad, the enemies will be playing with flashbangs and smoke so they’ll be difficult to spot. Stick to the right side since the enemies will be spawning from the left. Head up towards the quiet area on the street on the left and your squad will follow CHECKPOINT. Once again, if you move up so will your squad and the tanks, so let them do the dirty work, just keep them moving. Move up, past the blow up car on the left and over the wall CHECKPOINT. Move on over to the right again and your squad will move up, there’s more cover here.  As you head round the corner following your squad you’ll reach yet another CHECKPOINT. Though I can’t say I’m not grateful for these... [INTEL: Keep following the wall on the right hand side and you’ll reach a walled off garden area, It’s on a crate to the left of the entrance.] Keep following and letting the tanks do the dirty work.

Follow your squad until you’re all together and Carter is sniped.

Climb up onto the tank to man the minigun and take out the ground enemies until you see the hind. Take it down. Once you climb back onto the minigun carry on taking out the forces, but beware that this gun can overheat so don’t overuse it. CHECKPOINT. As you head into the garage the only tactic you can employ is using cars as explosives for groups of enemies and don’t let the gun overheat or you’re stuffed. Oh and try not to shoot your squad... So as you move in, take out the RPG launcher and other enemy to the left Follow 2-1 into the next section and follow the same tactics of blowing up cars. CHECKPOINT.

When you’re told, get out of the tank. No, you can’t hide in there until the war is over. Follow Sandman round the next corner watching out for the enemies. Stay behind barriers and blow up cars. As you leave the garage watch out for grenades and the tank... Don’t play the hero and shoot the tank. Take cover, your ally tank will take it out. Follow the tank but stick to the right side and use the buildings for cover. As you turn the corner, jump through the window into the library, there are still enemies here but not as many, and there’s more cover. If you’re not already inside, then get inside when the outside is blown up. CHECKPOINT. Once you’ve taken out all of the enemies in this next room you’ll get another CHECKPOINT.
Follow Sandman outside into the warzone, watch out for enemies and grenades and all that lovely stuff. Keep to the right to avoid the Russians shooting through the hedge to the left. You’ll get enemies left, right and centre... Well left and centre really...  Move forward with your squad at your heels until you get radio contact asking if you’ve reached the convoy. CHECKPOINT. Unfortunately Goalpost isn’t there...

Follow your squad following a blood trail into a building CHECKPOINT [INTEL: As you enter the building sitting on a desk.] and up the stairs where the enemy runs into a room and locks the door. Breach the door and take out the four men inside, starting with the guy on the far left, then the far right or they’ll execute the hostage. Go to the roof and wait for your exit as the level ends. 

Return to Sender

Difficulty:                            *** - -
Character:                           Yuri
Intel:                                     3
Starting Weapons:          M4A1 Grenadier w/ ACOG + Desert Eagle

-          Capture and Interrogate Waraabe.
-          Move to the LZ.
-          Head to the secondary LZ.
-          Find Nicolai’s crashed chopper
-          Rescue Nicolai

Achievement: When controlling the helicopter turret kill 20 enemies in a single strafing run.
As soon as you’re in head to the end of the left platform, it might be a good idea to pick up the Drugnov Sniper in place of your Desert Eagle; I hate the Desert Eagle... Go prone to keep away from Mortar fire and take control of the turret. Take out as many enemies as you can. CHECKPOINT. When the technical arrives take it out with the chopper turret as soon as you can. As you cross the street to the buildings on the left, enter through the hole in the wall and head up the stairs and across the bridge CHECKPOINT. Watch out for enemies here but head into the next building. [INTEL: On a desk in the building.] Head downstairs and back to your squad after taking another pass with the chopper turret. CHECKPOINT. Follow Price and Soap into the building and up the stairs, you’ll find some enemies on the balcony but nothing too bad. CHECKPOINT. Once you breach, take out the five enemies inside, avoiding Waraabe. And a hint? Refill before you breach... [INTEL: Inside the room you breach, to the left.] Really, resist shooting Waraabe... you’re not allowed.

After Soap’s little chat head on outside, everything sounds good until Nicolai gets attacked and there goes your exfil. Hang back from your squad when you hear a gunshot, and switch to the Drugnov Sniper to take out the enemies on the roof. Use your ammo wisely, you don’t have much. Once you’ve taken out all the enemies, head on forward and a timer will pop up with just under 3 minutes...

Switch back to the M4A1 and head through the building to the right. Only pausing to let your squad keep up. Take out the man on the machine gun on the technical quickly. Continue heading forward on the right taking cover behind everything you can, once you turn the corner a car will explode, move to the left. CHECKPOINT Watch out for grenades but keep moving forward taking out enemies on the roofs. Once you’ve taken out the man on the closest roof on the right, jump over the wall and use the steps to pick out enemies. Head to the right and behind the buildings to find the archway, [INTEL: Inside one of the buildings to the right before the archway, get it after the timer has run out.] CHECKPOINT. Head into the building and take out everyone of the ground floor, head on up to the next floor CHECKPOINT. Take out everyone here and onto the next floor CHECKPOINT.

When you reach the roof, Nicolai will tell you he cannot land to use the remote turret to take out ground forces... Or don’t bother... The helicopter will be hit anyhow. Run over to the rope and jump off the building or the helicopter will crush you. CHECKPOINT.

Take out the groups of blinded enemies when you’re told to. CHECKPOINT. When you reach Nicolai and the chopper pick him up CHECKPOINT. Follow your squad to the exfil point, don’t worry about enemies at this point, your squad will take care of them. Head for the jeep and exit the level.

Bag and Drag

Difficulty:                            *** - -
Character:                           Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook
Intel:                                     4
Starting Weapons:          SCAR-L ACOG Sight + USP .45

-          Rendezvous with the GIGN squad.
-          Follow the GIGN Leader
-          Use the air support marker to destroy the BTR
-          Follow the GIGN Leader through the catacombs.
-          Capture Volk.

Achievement: Take down a helicopter with a smoke grenade.
Follow Sandman, as you descend some stairs enemies from the other side of the street will start shooting at you CHECKPOINT. Head to the ground floor and take cover to the right as you exit the building, enter the bookstore and take cover, don’t go up the stairs until you’ve thinned down the enemy. Once the area looks clear head upstairs CHECKOUT. [INTEL: Next to one of the windows upstairs.] Meet up with the GIGN squad and refill your ammo behind the squad leader.

Follow the GIGN leader; don’t worry too much about gunfire... Don’t head straight for it, but don’t worry about it. Follow the leader, keep pushing along or you won’t get anywhere CHECKPOINT. [INTEL: In the entrance to the right of Cafe de Paris.] Follow Sabre and fight your way to the stairs. Once the area is somewhat clear, follow sabre through the burning building and immediately take cover once you’re through or you’ll die... Run to the left through the floor and round the corner to avoid enemy fire. CHECKPOINT.

When you’re told to, use the smoke grenades to take out big groups of enemies, and the pesky BTR. Once the BTR has been destroyed you lose air support, you’re on your own. And unless you were clever with air support, you still have to keep an eye out for the swarms of enemies so take a nice spot of cover and keep killing those guys until you’re told it’s clear. Follow your squad into the catacombs. CHECKPOINT.

Quite simply, follow the GIGN leader as he explains what happened to his men. CHECKPOINT. In this corridor an enemy will throw a gate onto Sabre, shoot him.

As you head onward, you’ll be blinded by a flashbang and you’ll see Volk making a run for it. Don’t shoot him, you’ll need him alive but feel free to kill everyone else! [INTEL: On a table to the left of this room. Don’t take too long finding it or Volk will escape.] Follow him through the tunnels and up a ladder [INTEL: After climbing the ladder, on a crate directly in front of you, you can’t miss it.] CHECKPOINT. As you leave the building, Volk is in a car and on his way out, watch for the gang of enemies in front of your destination.

Take out the enemies in front of you from the safety of the building and get in the van!

Once you’re in the van, kill all the enemies in front. You’ll move into the back of the van, Take out everything you see. Make sure you hit the gunners in the tanks as soon as you see them. CHECKPOINT. When you’re back in the front, shoot Volk’s car, and your van will do the rest, when you’re in slow motion take out the three soldiers in the car but make sure you don’t kill Volk. And watch as Volk is captured.

...More Coming Soon...

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