Thursday, 31 May 2012

Five Sentence Fiction: Orange

I felt a little stuck when I heard that the new word prompt is 'Orange'... but then my mind came out on a piece of paper and this is what became of it.

Orange...that deep, beautiful, rusty orange.

He always did like fire... I suppose I can understand why he did it; why he slept with her.

But how I despise her, that beautiful woman with the beautiful orange hair.

I followed her out of the club towards the orange of the streetlights; flicking the lighter on and off.

Orange, that exquisite orange, no longer the colour of rust, but the brightening orange of fire as she shrieked and the flames danced and her beautiful orange hair was no more.

He won’t love her now, he likes long hair.

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  1. Final act of revenge but I wonder why she acted upon the unsuspecting, beautiful, orange-haired woman instead of the unfaithful man. Love the smashing complimenting photo you posted.

  2. I agree with Lora. We always blame the woman, don't we? But then, that's a personal choice. Very creative use of the prompt.

  3. I think she's psychopathic (and obsessive), which would explain the attack...but I'd be very wary if I was him...
    Enjoyed this piece, great final sentence!

  4. Love it. Interesting, how the commenters jumped to conclusions about the narrator...

    - The narrator could be a man.

    - The narrator could be a stalker who only imagines that he/she has a relationship with the guy.

    - the narrator could be Orange-Lover's son or daughter, mother or father who caught him cheating on his significant other...

    - the narrator is a member of the clergy. Orange-lover may or may not be a catholic priest.

    Hey, the last scenario would make a ton of sense! She has red hair, she must be a witch und burn! We all know that if a priest had impure thoughts they were her fault, were proof positive that she was a witch, and off to the stake she went... The Hammer.

    Now I love it even more. Thanks for the inspiration...

  5. Oh my....scary person....great imagery!

  6. Three interesting characters caught in a love triangle? Two guys and a girl? Two girls and a guy? And there are loads of other questions that arise...
    Well done!

  7. He left the scene of the crime and hastened to his friend Mona's house for a trim.
    "Yes," he screamed when she questioned him, "cut it all off, every last bit, NOW!"

  8. I had a funny feeling something really bad was going to happen to somebody here. Kudos for building the suspense and slowly reeling me in to a spectacular ending.

  9. Stunning. All the more powerful because it was done so matter-of-factly!

  10. Excellent! I'm a sucker for a character on the edge!!!

  11. Dark, but in a good way. Makes me wonder what kind of larger story this character would fit into. Nice job!