Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tutorial: You Can Call Me V.

One of my favourite films is V for Vendetta, I only watched it for the first time a few months ago but I loved it! The character V is the perfect villain, mad but insanely intelligent at the same time. Using terrorist techniques to get back at the government. It's an amazing film and if you haven't seen it, watch it.

I decided to recreate his infamous mask on my face and do a tutorial for you guys, it's an option for your Halloween costume!

Obviously it's not perfect, my face has the contours of a human face but I hope you like it anyway.

Products Used: 
Snazaroo Face Paint in White
Snazaroo Face Paint in Black
Wolfe Face Paint in Grey
MUA Pro Palette in Starry Sky
120 Fraulein Palette
ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black
Tesco Black Witches Wig

Time to begin...

Start with a bare face (I still have my normal makeup on but that doesn't matter, we'll be covering it up) Make sure you moisturise or you'll never get the paint off...

Paint your entire face white, remember this is a mask so make it a crisp white line at the jawline, don't blend it out. Try to make the colour as even as possible, I used a 1 inch flat brush for this; you could also use a sponge. I used Snazaroo's White face paint, I don't really like Snazaroo but it's the only face paint my local theatrical supplies store sells. 

Use a black face paint or a black cream eyeliner to line the eyes. V's eyes are quite slim and extended so extend the liner slightly past the end of the eye. Don't wing it out, just widen the eye.
And apply black eyeliner to the waterline.

Use a black face paint to paint the eyebrows and moustache. Keep the eyebrows rounded at the front and bring them to a neat point at the end. Make sure you don't use feathery strokes, remember it's a mask. Also create the line of the cheeks using a grey face paint and blend it with your finger. Keep it symmetrical.

Paint in the beard shape with a black face paint and create the line of the lower lip and the creases around it with a grey face paint. 

Create the creases above the eyebrow with a grey face paint and blend it out. Shade down the sides of the nose using a grey eyeshadow and underneath the eyes and use a bright pink eyeshadow or blush for the rosy cheeks. I also painted the entire eyelid black.

I created the laugh lines around the eyes with a grey face paint and used a grey eyeshadow to shade between the creases and folds around the mouth.

I shaded some more with the grey eyeshadow where I felt needed more shadow like around the bottom of the nose to make it more prominent. I took the white face paint again and used it to highlight areas like above the brows, on the moustache and the bridge of the nose. I also made the inner corners of the eyes more pointed with eyeliner.

Finally I took a cheep witches wig from Tesco and cut a blunt fringe into it and put it on...

And that's it, you're done!

Hope you like it...

What's your favourite Halloween movie? x