Monday, 17 October 2011

Review: Cream Puffs and Fairy Cakes

I'm not a lipstick person... It never lasts on me, good quality lipstick always costs more than I have and I hate the gloopy, sticky feel of lipstick. This product by Collection 2000 isn't strictly a lipstick... It's a "Velvety Soft, Matt Finish Lip Cream" and I love it. I picked up two of these Cream Puff Lip Creams, I got Powder Puff from Superdrug and when I was at work later on I realised how much I loved it and got Fairy Cake. You can't go wrong for £2.99! There are four shades (There should be more...) in Cotton Candy, Powder Puff, Fairy Cake and Angel Delight...

I honestly love the packaging, the lid is sort of rubberised and matt similar to that of Orly Nail Polishes. It holds 5ml which isn't bad and it smells like cake... The first one was an impulse buy, I was in a rush trying not to get a parking ticket, I opened it, swatched it and caught a whiff of the scent and that was it. It was in my bag! (After paying of course...) It smells like my favourite kind of vanilla cupcake... *In Love*
The applicator is like a furrier version of a lipgloss applicator... Yes, very technical...

I love Fairy Cake, it's the perfect mixture between pink and coral, I can't pull of coral with my skin tone, but this works for me. I'm not so keen on Powder Puff, it's a lovely nude a shade or two lighter than the colour of my lips but I don't know if I can really pull it off without looking sick.

Onto the lip swatches, I apologise for these, I've never done these before so they're not great. I have more of Fairy Cake than Powder Puff because Powder Puff just photographs terribly! Unfortunately these photos don't show how gorgeous the colour is... It's actually more intense than this but I didn't want to Photoshop the photos to death.

Although the Cream Puff has a matt finish it's not at all drying to the lips, I always use a lip balm underneath anyway because I have dry skin and lips but I actually found these quite moisturising despite the matt texture.

Are you a lipstick person? x

Where can I find them? Superdrug, Boots, Morrisons, Tesco... Anywhere really...
How Much Product? 5ml
How Much? £2.99
Disclaimer: I paid for these products myself and these opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with any company.

For photos of this lip with a full face make up look take a look at my post on MUA Professional Eyeshadows...

(Cotton Candy, Powder Puff, Fairy Cake, Angel Delight)
Photograph courtesy of Liloo

Just for the laugh...

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  1. ive heard such good things about these, i love the colours, i may have to pick some up!