Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween: Darth Maul

So I planned to do a step-by-step tutorial on this look... But I got carried away and forgot to take photos... I'm really sorry! But I wanted to show you the result anyway, and if enough of you want a step-by-step tutorial I'll do it again and take photos just for you.

(I'm afraid the eyes in this photo are PhotoShopped, I don't have contact lenses because I just can't afford them...)

So this is the result, I was pretty pleased with it however it looked ridiculous without a hood because the back of the head wasn't painted and because I didn't have a bald cap at the time I improvised with a swimming cap... Anywhooo...

Products Used: 
Snazaroo Face Paint in Red
Wolfe Face Paint in Black
ELF Studio Cream Liner in Black
Speedo Swimming Cap in Red
Ben Nye Scar Wax
Wolfe Face Paint in Brown
Spirit Gum

I'll give you a sort of step-by-step without photos anyway...

1. Pin your hair as close to your head as possible and put the bald cap (or swimming cap) on, if necessary cut around the ears and finally use spirit gum to glue to your face.

2. Paint your face red. All over. Cover your head with red paint.

3. I designed the black design on a face chart before I transferred it to my face, refer to photos of Darth Maul if you need help.

4. I then used black face paint to create the black design on my face, this takes a bit of a steady hand but if you go wrong you can just take a q-tip or go over with the red paint. Keep it crisp and neat.

5. I used a black eyeliner on my waterline (Don't use face paint on your waterline, it may not be safe and you never want to risk the health of your eyes.)

6. Finally I made the horns from scar wax, painted them roughly with brown face paint and glued them in the right places to the swimming cap with spirit gum.

7. Stick a black hood on and you're good to go!

Okay so the photos aren't wonderful but it looked awesome in real life!

I'm actually going to be pretty boring this Halloween, I don't know where I'm going or even if I'm going anywhere, but I'm going to be a broken doll... I'll make sure you get to see the finished result!

What do you want to be this Halloween? x

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