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What's in my Bag?

This was originally going to be a guest post, but since the person I sent it to hasn't replied in forever, I thought I'd post it here instead! :)
In case you were wondering, I have done a few guest posts recently.
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I'd love if you could check them out.

Anyway, on with this post!

So what is in my bag? I hear you ask... Well lets start with taking a look at the bag itself, I spent a while looking for my perfect handbag since I'm kind of picky when it comes to things like this. It has to look nice, this time I was after brown leather and it has to fit an A5 sheet of paper and a 500ml bottle comfortably. That's all I really want from a bag, small but not too small... So it's not always easy to find the perfect bag. Anyhow, this one was only £12 from Tesco, yes Tesco... I feel like a traitor since I work in Morrisons but oh well... 

See my cute little green eyed panda... Does he look slightly psycho to you? 
Anyhow, what you really want to see is what psycho panda is guarding, inside the bag.

So these are my basics I carry then everywhere, you may wonder how I fit it all in that small bag but I can't tell you that or I will have to kill you... Actually I just don't know... 
Lets begin with the purse, the big black one with a brass button. You may have noticed by now that I'm a bit of a bargain hunter [hence the £12 bag] and this purse was no exception, I wanted a long purse like this for a while and I finally found this in a small charity shop for only £1. Bargain much?
Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the inside... But the left side has two spaces to slip cash, receipts and cheques into and the right side also has the same two spaces and six little card slots, I keep my bank cards, student discount card and other cards in there. The middle has a coin pouch attached which closes with a zip and attached to the outside of the purse is a convenient wrist strap which I've also attached a bullet shaped holder to keep emergency bobby pins in. Sorry about the messy description but I do love it... 

Next the little card holder with a girl on the front, this was from a card shop for I think £2.99. I like to keep my cards in a separate holder to prevent my purse ripping because I have so many, so I keep all of my store cards in here, a spare passport photo in case I need it, my NI number card, trade union membership card and my driving licence. It's perfect...

Enough with the raving and on with the other things I carry. I always carry my Driving Record because as you can see, I only have a provisional licence and am therefore still learning and if I don't keep it in my bag, I'll forget it in my next lesson...

I like to carry a little notebook and a pen with me for great ideas and guys numbers... Yeah alright, I don't get any of those, its really just for shopping lists... I usually keep an A5 sketch pad and a 3B pencil with me because I'm an art student and it's a requirement. It's not, but I get bored easily. 

I have my keys, well key and memory sticks, see the tiny blue thing and orange thing? They're memory sticks! 

I always have my trusty Samsung Ch@t phone and iPod Touch with me, they're usually in my pocket, but when I don't have one they live in my bag. 

See that blue rectangular thing with the white frilly lace and the button? That's a holder for pocket tissues, a friend made it for me and it's so cute and darn convenient! 

On top of that is an Eyeko lip gloss in Mayfair, have you ever smelled one of these? It's so good! Smells like exotic cocoa butter with a hint of coconut... Next to that is my The Body Shop Love Etc. Solid perfume, I love this scent. I still can't decide between this scent and Lipsy London's perfume and we have some black hair ties, an essential for any girl's handbag.

There's a Chapstick lipbalm in Apple Burst, I can't live without a lipbalm of some sort... My lips chap far too easily. And we have an Olbas inhaler for blocked noses, I've only used it once because it makes my eyes water, but who knows, maybe there'll be an emergency.

I always carry my Carex hand sanitiser because I just don't trust public toilets... and there's so many situations that you need these! And I keep this spare Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara sample in my bag just in case I need it...

Finally I carry Tesco imperial mints because I don't like chewing gum, but these are lovely! 

Sorry about the lengthly descriptions... I hope you liked the post and I hope it was interesting to you what I keep in my bag.

What do you carry with you in your bag? x

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