Saturday, 2 July 2011

Have You Ever Had a Dream?

Have you ever had a dream?
Perhaps you're an amazing but unrecognised make up artist, or a budding graphic designer and your afraid to get your work out there because you're afraid of rejection. Or you've already been rejected so many times that it seems pointless to try again... Maybe you just don't know where to start...

Well this is the story of a dream, the dream of my mum who's been writing for the past eleven years and struggled to be recognised by an agent or a publisher. Unless you've been through the process you probably don't realise how difficult it is. You see all these celebrities writing their tacky autobiographies and having them published with no problem at all, but in reality it's just not that simple. But now, with the help of Amazon Kindle, it is...

Lisa Shambrook (@LastKrystallos and blogs at The Last Krystallos)has finally published her book 'Beneath the Rainbow' with the help of Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon.

'Death is an inevitable fact of life, indifferent to whether you are seven-years-old, or an old age pensioner who has lived a long fulfilled life.
This is the heart-breaking and uplifting tale of Freya.
Freya has to come to terms with her own untimely death and the impending death of terminally ill Old Thomas, who has but one dream left to achieve...'

This beautiful story will have you laughing and crying all in the same chapter and you can buy it for only £1.71 ($2.73)!
And I made the cover image! :)

The story itself will be able to tell you more than I can...

'Freya was seven-years-old when she got hit by the car. It was a 4x4 with a bull bar.

Freya raced ahead, full of giggles and determination, keen to reach the swings before Mum changed her mind and gave in to Jasmine’s complaints. She ignored Mum’s groan and her baby sister’s whines and pushed on ahead, scrambling into the swing. It was a job to squeeze in as she’d grown, but the only swings that survived the play park cull these days were these stupid, baby, bucket-seat ones. Mum complained loudly and often about the demise of the traditional swing, and Freya wished they were still there. Mum used to swing high…so high her stomach would turn over! These swings wouldn’t even put a tickle in Freya’s tummy, but they were better than nothing.'

So now you know you want to read the whole thing, lets get to business! 

You can buy it here:

Those in the US can buy it here:

I don't know if it makes a difference if someone from the UK buys it from the US site, but it's nice to see your own currency...

Some people have said they can't buy it because they don't own a Kindle, no problem! There's a free Kindle app for the iPod, iPhone and iPad, you can get Kindle for free on the Android Phone, Blackberry, your PC or your Mac... So really there's no excuse, basically if you're able to read this blog post, you're able to read this book. :)

It really would mean a lot to me, and my mum if you'd download the book and if you like it let your friends know... Writing's always been a passion in my mum and the fact that she's finally able to see her own book online and available worldwide is the most amazing feeling!

Thank you x

What's your dream? x

Where can I find it?
How much? £1.71 ($2.73)
Disclaimer: You may have noticed that I am affiliated with my mum, but I genuinely do love the book and I paid for it with my own money. 


  1. Bekah, I feel I'm a frustrated writer too. So frustrated I haven't written anything... Ahem. I am going to buy the book.

  2. Thanks Jaljen and Bekah...
    here's my post on the book... ♥