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Tag: School Days

I apologise for posting another tag post so soon after my last one, but after my last tag where I mentioned my reputation, I had some requests to elaborate on this reputation... Well I had one request, but I thought I'd do a tag about my school days. I found parts of this tag online and made some of the questions up myself but I thought it would be fun. Admittedly, I only recently left school but my reputation began in year 5...

Did you have any dreaded days in primary school?
Yes. St. David's Day, I'm not from Wales originally and therefore I'm not patriotic in the slightest. In primary school we had to dress in welsh traditional dress on St. David's Day, but I hated it... I looked darn adorable though.

What was your favourite 'back to school' item to buy?
I don't think I really had a favourite item, it was more the excitement of mum buying me something whether it was a new school uniform or pencil case supplies... I always liked getting a brand new school uniform, especially at the end of my first year at secondary school since for that year our uniform was a foul red and white candy stripe blouse (as modelled by my willing little sister) and a bright red jumper. The boys had a pale blue shirt and I think a navy jumper but the girls uniform... It was an abomination! The uniform was changed to a nice blue shirt and black jumper, better than candy stripes anyhow...

What was your favourite subject at school?
Art, always art! I'm one of those people who uses it to express herself. I know it sounds cliché but it's just my thing. There's not much more I can say about my art but if you'd like to see what I did for my A level art check out my mums blog: 

Did you ride in the bus or catch a lift with mum?
Well this is an interesting story... Before I begun secondary school we knew that I wasn't eligible for a free school bus since the requirements for this was to live 3 miles away from the school and we live 2.8 miles away so we appealed and got an article in the local paper but to no avail. So when I eventually begun secondary school; for my first few months or so I caught the C18 bus using a free 'staff' bus pass that my dad got for me (he works with the bus company) and I was very proud of my 'staff' pass.
However after a few months they decided that we weren't to catch the C18, so along with my friend we decided to catch the C21 because nobody stopped us but after a month they noticed and threw us off. Finally they told us to catch the service bus which we would be required to pay for so with my dad's staff bus pass I caught that for a while but eventually gave up on school buses and since then I had a lift to school with my wonderful mother.
Okay, so it wasn't that interesting...

Did you have a packed lunch or school dinners?
It was usually a packed lunch but occasionally school dinners, secondary school dinners weren't too bad really until the new head master decided that chips and gravy weren't allowed together... Explain that!

What is your favourite memory from your school years?
Favourite memory... During years 4 and 6 I had the same teacher, Mr Vaughan, who organised the 'Mars Base Project' this, this was amazing, though there's a possibility that it's better in my memory than it actually was... But in this project we designed a Mars Base out of cereal boxes, straws and empty toilet rolls, we also tried space ice cream... I will never forget how that tasted, it's dehydrated ice cream and it tastes amazing! Seriously go here, buy some and try it... We also had American pen pals, in year 4 mine was Ashley Jones and in year 6 I had one called Skylee Williams (I loved her name!)

Did you have a reputation? 
Ahem... Maybe... Okay, yes. I was an absolute angel up until year 5 in primary school, well perhaps 'angel' is a bit of an exaggeration but I was close to it. Anyhow in year 5 (9 years old) I was a handful, I'll be honest I don't remember much of what I did but I know I was suspended from school a grand total of five times in year 5. I think I'm a bit of a legend in my primary school...

After referring to my mum's diaries I can tell you that suspension one was because I had an argument with a friend and the teachers decided to force us to shake hands and make up, this wasn't what I wanted to do so I threw my lunch box at the girl and ran out where a teacher caught me and I kicked her vigorously to escape.

Suspension number two was because I'd messed around with a friend in a lesson and we hadn't finished our work so the teacher told us off in front of the next class which was pretty humiliating so I got upset and locked myself in the bathrooms and kicked my headteacher once I was coaxed out...

Suspension three was when a girl was being really quite annoying showing off her karate and making ridiculous karate noises so I bit her.

Suspension four was when I was told off for something and I locked myself in the bathroom.

Finally suspension five, my personal favourite, was during a Welsh lesson... Oh how I hated welsh lessons... My teacher, Mr Thomas, was quite uh... large... I was sitting in the front of the class and he told me to move to the back which I did not want to do so I threw my books across the room and kicked him quite hard...

I've only been suspended twice more after that, in year 10 (14 years old) I was told to leave the maths class to wash off some over the top 'emo' eye make up which I didn't want to do so I just stayed in the bathrooms.

I hate this photo... But it kinda shows the tamer view of my 'emo' phase with the super short hair and that...

And finally in the same year, in a Welsh lesson (I don't seem to have much luck with Welsh lessons) the teacher made fun of me for drawing in my welsh book and I got upset and therefore suspended... Explain?

From this, stemmed my reputation... This and my 'emo' phase at the age of 14 which I mention in the About Me page on this blog. And this is why it's difficult for me to wear pretty dresses without being questioned... But I'm slowly getting there.
I'd show you pictures of the ridiculous 'emo' eyeliner... But I don't have any...

I tag you all! Please link to your tag in the comments...

Do you have any interesting reputations? x


  1. You crazy lady ;P :P It was fun to read! :)

  2. Yup, the 'angel' idea is indeed exaggerated! The closest you came to an angel was when you were 3 yrs old and in nursery school nativity, when you wore a wonky gold tinsel halo and ahem...had trouble standing still! ♥

  3. ...and yes, you were darned cute in Welsh National Costume, would you like me to post some photos?

    Oooh, it was a silver halo! Now for the Welsh Costumes...