Tuesday, 14 June 2011

NOTD: Earthquake in Ice

I picked up this W7 Nail polish in Silver Earthquake from a local bargain store for £1.99 after reading a short review about the gold one written by Liloo (aka @Tsunimee). I own a brown polish by the same company and I figured that at £1.99 there's not much to lose...

W7 Nail Polish Crackle in Silver Earthquake

I decided to just paint it over the Rimmel London Trend Spotting Nail Polish I was wearing and I actually think it looks pretty good. The dark polish makes a nice contrast with the pretty shimmery silver and it is a lovely silver... 

The crackle effect in this seems to be more subtle than the Barry M Nail Effects but I actually like it, the cracks are smaller but there are more of them and it reminds me of a cracked window or ice. 

Excuse the mess on the index finger... I messed up a bit... Anyhow, just like the Barry M Nail Effects this dries almost instantly. In the right light the silver has micro glitter in it and has a really pretty shimmer which is more than I expected from a £1.99 nail polish!

And for a closer look... 

So are you still into the crackle trend or just fed up? x

How much product? 15 ml
How much? £1.99 (or £3.89 on Amazon)
Disclaimer: I paid for this product myself and these opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with any company.

Ps. I hear that Beauty UK are introducing a gold crackle polish into their collection of silver, pink and black! I can't wait! :D

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