Sunday, 1 May 2011

NOTD: Sunny Springtime

Alright guys, it's been forever since I've posted or made a video or anything so I thought I'd do a NOTD post. I entered a Twitter contest hosted by @rimmelondonbuzz and won a goodie bag of six Pro nail polishes containing Lycra claiming to last up to 10 days, I can't tell you if they live up to that yet, but I'll come back and see how it survives.
I'll show you three of the shades and the other three at a later date, so I got:

Aqua Cool, Ultra Violet, Peppermint, Hot List, Heart on Fire and Show Off. 

Today you get to see.......... Aqua Cool, Ultra Violet and Peppermint!

420 Aqua Cool:

This is a gorgeous cornflower blue, I think this is my favourite of the six so I apologise for the myriad of photos coming up. It applies like a dream if slightly watery, two coats gives perfect coverage in my opinion. These polishes have a flat brush which for me is so useful and speeds up application so much!

And one with our little iguana...

312 Ultra Violet: 

I think we've all seen the pastel nail colours trend this Spring, and this lilac shade is perfect! Just like the Aqua Cool the application is fast and easy with the flat brush and the consistency seems to be slightly thicker making it easier to apply.

500 Peppermint:

This is a lovely minty shade, however I do have the ELF Polish Mint Cream which is almost the same, but this has a much thicker easier to use consistency and the brush of my ELF one is kinda messed up... 

So those are the first three, and perhaps my favourite of the shades, my absolute favourite is the Aqua Blue, I <3 it! ^_^

What's your favourite shade for Spring? x

Where can I find them? Boots sell the polishes, but I don't know if they have these shades...
How much? £4.59
Disclaimer: I won these in a contest, I didn't pay for them, but these are my honest opinions. 


  1. and now following The Adventures of the BekahCat :) thank you for sharing your link. your blog looks so cute! xxx

  2. @liloo Thank you so much :D

    I'm still working on perfecting the blog, but it's getting there! :)

  3. I love the way you've pictured them in the grass! Such a funky way to do so :) lovely looking nails that purple is beautiful!

    Great blog - following you now :)


  4. @fashionismyh2o

    Thanks :D I can't claim the glory for photographing them that way, I got the idea from liloo (

    But I really appreciate the follow! ^_^